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Likable Things for Stumblebum

Saturday, March 31, 2012

This is the full set out for this turns Stumblebum! Table, chairs, rezzer items, tied animations, prop givers. Nearly all mesh (oops! Forgot to say that in the ad!)

I created this which was supposed to be an outdoor patio set, which turned into a bistro sort of set, and then I stuck all the stuff I'd have laying around me on the table. Nail Polish, phone, hot drinks, books, laptop.. just life clutter! Hope you enjoy <3

Table and chairs are linked and are 15 prims. Each set is separate texture change with 9 texture options. EACH chair has 8 different animations tied with the table surface or items on the table.

The light is available with the set or on its own and is 9 prims.

All available for Stumblebum starting this weekend!

Cheeky Pea in SL!


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