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Laura's Bench

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Laura's Bench, originally uploaded by Isla Gealach.

For Project Themeory this weekend. the theme is "Our Story". Every house has a piece of furniture that has been painted and repainted, stenciled, glued, piled with shoes and books, and you still sit on it staring out the window. In our house it's a bench. Which is probably where my SL love for benches - purchasing and making them, comes from.

So I'm sharing with from My story, a bench. :) Hope you enjoy.

It comes with everything in the picture. 75l for this weekend then it will be available at normal price.

<3 Isla

P.S. Just a quick note to say.... You may notice I love to use flowers and plants in a lot of my builds. ALL of the flowers/plants I use are from Arctic Greenhouse by Logan Bauer. If you haven't had a chance to get there do, his creations are amazing and you should definitely have a look!

Cheeky Pea in SL!

Uncle Herman's Lawn Chairs

Uncle Herman's Lawn Chairs, originally uploaded by Isla Gealach.

Out now for Super Bargain Saturday. Two lawn chairs with six different animations each, texture change with six texture options. Barrel table with six texture options for the tablecloth and a couple fun accessories. (no giver, sorry... ahem)

Out for 60l for SBS!

Cheeky Pea in SL!

Charity Event Participation

Monday, April 25, 2011

I've decided to stop taking part in charity events in SL.

The reasons are many, but mostly because I don't enjoy the charity event "culture" that SL has been inundated with, the millions of charity events with no accountability. I have learned the hard way not to trust that not all people do as they say they will.

This isn't me be scroogey or mean. I will continue to give as I always have done - through RL channels. I encourage you to do the same. That's not to say you can't shop at your favourite store participating in a charity event or with a charity aspect, of course if you can see the clear accountability for the money please do! I'm not saying that everyone that organises these is in the wrong, I just do not have the time, energy, or enthusiasm to research every single event I'm invited to, or to track up the records and accounts of those participating. I applaud those organisers and designers who put so much in to the events and have clear accounting practices.

I will honour the current commitments I have made, but past that... blanket ban for me. I will drop my coins in the SSPCA bucket, give to Oxfam, and participate in Red Nose Day... in RL. Charity starts on your doorstep, and that is where I'm going to focus.

Isla <3

Spring Breakfast Table

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Breakfast Table, originally uploaded by Isla Gealach.

Out now at the mainstore!!! http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Pea/145/181/22

Cheeky Pea in SL!