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:CP: Pottery Workbench

Friday, August 27, 2010


15 Prims
12 Single Animations
18 Texture Options

We've also still got the Panty Raid going on!  

Our Gacha is new this week with Rugs!!!  Flickr Link

If you have any questions just IM me. :)

<3 Isla

FTLO ... Science!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New hunt is starting on August 22nd... For The Love Of... Science!

:CP: Geeky Science

6 Prims to 38 Prims depending on Rezzable items.

Long click on the table top (click and hold for 10 seconds) to bring up rezzing menu. You can then choose some, all, or none of the 4 items available. This allows you to have a customised top based on your style (and prim count).

There are three sits in this item and the adjustment menu is available by sitting and typing /1a in local chat.


<3 Isla

Beach Cottage Living Room!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This full set includes the following:

Cottage Couch - 16 Prims
   14 Couples Animations
   6 Friend Animations (1 x 2 people and 5 x 3 people sitting)
   11 Single Animations
   Texture change menu with 6 options available on the base of the sofa
   NC pose adjustment
Cottage Chair - 11 Prims
   9 Single Animations
   Texture Change Menu with 6 options available at the base of the chair (same place as sofa)
   Menu adjustment available for any sitting avatar by typing /1a in local chat (chair only)
1 x :CP: Hemp Rug - Includes texture change menu with 6 available options (1 prim)
1 x :CP: Scattered Table with touch on/off candles (16 prims)
1 x :CP: Cottage Shelf (17 prims)
1 x :CP: Framed Vintage Bathers (7 prims)
1 x :CP: Canoe Shelf - Includes candles on/off by touch (10 prims)
1 x :CP: Cottage Lamp - on/off on touch (4 prims)
1 x :CP: Sweet Daisies (6 prims)
1 x :CP: Draped Table - texture menu with 6 options available by long click on the draped fabric (3 prims)
1 x :CP: Vintage Posters (1 prim)

Available in world at the mainstore!

If you have any questions at all plese don't hesitate to IM me. :)


<3 Isla