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New Years Resolution

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Years Resolution, originally uploaded by Isla Gealach.

So I'm a bit early posting this up but around here New Years is a huge holiday. Bigger than Christmas. And I plan to not be around much this next week spending time in RL with the family. :))

I've made a New Year's Resolution for my store. I'm not using pre-made sculpt packs for my furniture anymore. All couches, benches (haha), beds, tables, etc will all be made by me. I have been doing this for the past 6 months but I wanted to make it official. All things that were made from sculpt packs have been removed from the main store.

(I just want to clarify I will still use SOME sculpts that I purchase full perm such as flowers - all flowers I use are made by the super talented Logan Bauer, which I cannot for the LIFE of me sculpt LOL) But ALL pieces of furniture will be made 100% by me. :)

For now I have placed all of my discontinued items that are not sculpted by myself into a skydome in the sky. There is a TP board at the front of my mainstore. I've discounted everything to 50l-100l. However this won't be around for long!! I will probably remove it in a couple months to give anyone enough time to grab things they liked. The bubble is at The Pea (228,201,801).

I want to clarify that in no way so I think that sculpt packs are bad. They got me through 2 years before learning to sculpt. I think they are a wonderful tool in the path to learning to be a creator. Without them I wouldn't be where I am today. I just feel this is the next exciting step on my creative journey and am really looking forward to challenging myself.

<3 Isla

Cheeky Pea in SL!

Peboamauk Lounge

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Peboamauk Lounge, originally uploaded by Isla Gealach.

In Abenaki the word Peboamauk roughly translates to "wintery place". I think of winter and cosying up by the fire when I think of my sofa at home. So it seemed to be the natural choice. :)

Each item is sold separately. They are on special for Spruce Up Your Space and range from 50l - 150l for the sofa. You can purchase by right clicking on the tag and choose pay. If you’d like to use a gift card or gift an item just click on the tag for a menu

18 Prims.
9 couples animations.
3 Friend Anims,
14 Single Anims incl self-rezzing props (book, knitting, laptop)

Lamp: 5 Prims. On/Off on Touch. Emits light.

Shelves: (snow) 15 Prims, (bric-a-brac) 12 Prims.

Antlers: 6 Prims

Curtains: 6 Prims. (including sunbeam)

Table w/accessories: 17 Prims

all mod.copy.notrans

Cheeky Pea in SL!