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Old Pillow Pile

Saturday, May 29, 2010

:CP: Old Pillow Pile

.... cause sometimes, you just don't have enough pillows laying in lazy piles. xD

12 Couples Animations
6 Friend Animations (2 person style anims that are suitable for non-couples ;) )
9 Single Animations

Self Rezzing book prop

Mod - though resizing the pillows is not recommended.. it could screw up the poses. 

Info pic shows where the texture menu trigger is and the anim trigger.

Texture menu will change the whole item to the texture set chosen. Just long click on the back pillow and choose your texture pack option. It will stay this way until you choose another option. ;) Very versatile for constant colour scheme changes.  (Hey - who doesn't get bored with colours?)

And best of all - NO POSE BALLS!

Just choose a couples/friends/cuddles pose and sit. second person sits just as the first and it will automatically seat you both. Swap button for easy transition along with sync.

You can purchase this item online at XstreetSL or in world at Cheeky Pea!

Shabby Shelf and a Couple Plants!


Great storage spot for your XstreetSL magic box or any security items that you want out of site. Doors are lockable and open/close on touch!

The plants compliment the Shabby Shelf Green and the Shabby Shelf White quite well. ;) Among loads of other things.

These items can be purchased online at XstreetSL (click the pictures to go to the listings) or in world at Cheeky Pea!

Cheeky Pea Photo Contest!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The rules for the contest are as follows. Please read this carefully because anything submitted that don't follow at least the basic rules won't be considered. :p  Thanks! <3

✻ Prizes
1st place -   3,000L
2nd place -  1,500L
3rd place -   500L

✻ Rules for Contest
1. Most obviously - it must include something from the Cheeky Pea store. lol  Must be clearly visible. Can be furniture, jewellery, or even a pic just taken at the sim, just please make sure YOU are the only avatar visible in the picture. ;)

Store Location - Click HERE!�Store Locat

2. Photo must have a resolution of 1024 X 1024 and be sent FULL PERM (right click and select properties, make sure all three boxes have a tick in them) to avatar name Isla Gealach.  Alternatively (and the preferred way to make sure SL doesn't eat it!) send your photos to islagealach@gmail.com and make sure you include your SL avatar name in the email somewhere.  Make sure your photo is names something like - CP Photo Contest - (Your Name) so if I was sending in a picture I would name it CP Photo Contest - Isla Gealach. xD

If sending by email please make sure photo is either jpg format or psd. Thanks!

3. Any picture you submit may be used in promotional material and/or store displays. Please be aware by submitting your photo you agree to these terms.

4. Every picture submitted will be posted to our blog http://cheekypeaupdates.blogspot.com/ and the badly maintained Flickr group. lol http://www.flickr.com/photos/39730847@N08/

5. I am the only person judging these pictures. There will be no contest board to TP your friends to. It's all about style, nothing about popularity. :p

6. Closing date for Pictures is Saturday June 4th.  I will announce the winners in world and on the blog on June 6th.

If you have any questions send me an IM. ^.^

<3 Isla

:CP: Dilapidated Desk

Pretty much as it says on the tin. :p

6 Couple Animations, 9 Single Animations....

Several self rezzing props such as books, coffee cup, pillow, and even a blackboard! lol

All on the nPose system, so forget the pose balls.

It's 21 prims, but this item is mod and copy, so you are free to remove any of the items on the desk or the wastepaper basket if prim use is a big issue. Cut out the "extras" and the whole desk can be done in 11 prims.

Available in store for L$400

You can purchase this item online at XstreetSL or in world at Cheeky Pea!

:CP: Weathered Garden

Monday, May 17, 2010

This item is one of my favourite ones I've made. :)  It really is a place I would love to relax, RL and SL. 

There are a few options on this... 

The Pillows are texture change.  Simply long click on the big pillow and you'll get a texture menu. You have six options, play around. :) Make it your own.

The grass emits butterfly particles. You can click on it to bring up a menu to turn it on or off.  They are only random and quite sweet. 

The bench has four sub menus: Couples, Cuddles (pretty self explanatory that. ;p ), friends - which will allow two avatars to sit in a non-cuddly position, and the single sit menu.  The props all self-rez and should un-rez when you change the sit. 

The item is mod, the scripts inside are not. 

You can purchase this item online at XstreetSL or in world at Cheeky Pea!

B*Lazy Hammock

9 Single Animations and 7 Couple Animations. All move with a smooth swinging motion with the hammock on sit.

Hammock is pre-loaded with three texture options: blue, summer pink/red, and green. All you do is touch the blanket and you can change the whole look of the hammock!

One of the most unique hammocks in SL, hardly any others have so many animation choices along with the texture options!!

You can purchase this item on XstreetSL or in world at Cheeky Pea!

Cony Garden for the little bunnehs

12 Animations for up to 4 avatars. Each of the three pillows and the hutch all have animations in them. To bring up the menu after sitting simply touch the pillow/hutch that you've sat on and it will bring up the menu.

44 Prims

Type /1a in local chat to adjust your position. It will save the info for up to 100 avatars that use it most often.

Scripted door to keep bunnies in!

Hutch, relaxingpillows, and flowerhill all included and as they are copy and mod you can change it to suit your needs.

Packaged in rez-faux for easy use. Instructions for using rez-faux can be found inside the rezzer box.

You can purchase this item on XstreetSL or in world at Cheeky Pea!

Summer Breeze Pier


Packaged in Rez-Faux

66 Prims

23 Single Animations
18 Couple Animations

The single animations are accessible through the blanket on the floor of the pier (9 of them) on the multi-pose menu. The other single animations are loaded to each and every pillow. The back throw pillows and the base cushions all have poses in them, to use them just right click and choose Sit. Each one contains a unique animation. ;)

Up to 16 people can sit on the pier at the same time.. 14 on the pillows/cushions and 2 on the blanket.

There are scripted candles on the edge of the rail, these are touch on/off.

The curtains on the side move up and down. If you want them down for privacy you can, or you can also have them up for the open ocean breeze to sail through your pier. ;) Touch up/down.

To rez the blanket for the couples poses and additional single poses just touch the blanket on the railing.

The blanket uses the newest posing system, nPose. This is a great POSEBALL FREE system!!! Yay for NO poseballs! It's extremely simple to use, just sit and choose a pose, both people can sit on couples poses. No need to choose pink or blue anymore. ;) You can easily swap, sync, manage all at the touch of a button. No up and down required.

The prims on the pier are mod, as with everything at Cheeky Pea. Though the anims and scripts inside are not. 

You can purchase this item on XstreetSL or In World at Cheeky Pea.