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Summer Breeze Pier

Monday, May 17, 2010


Packaged in Rez-Faux

66 Prims

23 Single Animations
18 Couple Animations

The single animations are accessible through the blanket on the floor of the pier (9 of them) on the multi-pose menu. The other single animations are loaded to each and every pillow. The back throw pillows and the base cushions all have poses in them, to use them just right click and choose Sit. Each one contains a unique animation. ;)

Up to 16 people can sit on the pier at the same time.. 14 on the pillows/cushions and 2 on the blanket.

There are scripted candles on the edge of the rail, these are touch on/off.

The curtains on the side move up and down. If you want them down for privacy you can, or you can also have them up for the open ocean breeze to sail through your pier. ;) Touch up/down.

To rez the blanket for the couples poses and additional single poses just touch the blanket on the railing.

The blanket uses the newest posing system, nPose. This is a great POSEBALL FREE system!!! Yay for NO poseballs! It's extremely simple to use, just sit and choose a pose, both people can sit on couples poses. No need to choose pink or blue anymore. ;) You can easily swap, sync, manage all at the touch of a button. No up and down required.

The prims on the pier are mod, as with everything at Cheeky Pea. Though the anims and scripts inside are not. 

You can purchase this item on XstreetSL or In World at Cheeky Pea.


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