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:CP: Weathered Garden

Monday, May 17, 2010

This item is one of my favourite ones I've made. :)  It really is a place I would love to relax, RL and SL. 

There are a few options on this... 

The Pillows are texture change.  Simply long click on the big pillow and you'll get a texture menu. You have six options, play around. :) Make it your own.

The grass emits butterfly particles. You can click on it to bring up a menu to turn it on or off.  They are only random and quite sweet. 

The bench has four sub menus: Couples, Cuddles (pretty self explanatory that. ;p ), friends - which will allow two avatars to sit in a non-cuddly position, and the single sit menu.  The props all self-rez and should un-rez when you change the sit. 

The item is mod, the scripts inside are not. 

You can purchase this item online at XstreetSL or in world at Cheeky Pea!


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