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Old Pillow Pile

Saturday, May 29, 2010

:CP: Old Pillow Pile

.... cause sometimes, you just don't have enough pillows laying in lazy piles. xD

12 Couples Animations
6 Friend Animations (2 person style anims that are suitable for non-couples ;) )
9 Single Animations

Self Rezzing book prop

Mod - though resizing the pillows is not recommended.. it could screw up the poses. 

Info pic shows where the texture menu trigger is and the anim trigger.

Texture menu will change the whole item to the texture set chosen. Just long click on the back pillow and choose your texture pack option. It will stay this way until you choose another option. ;) Very versatile for constant colour scheme changes.  (Hey - who doesn't get bored with colours?)

And best of all - NO POSE BALLS!

Just choose a couples/friends/cuddles pose and sit. second person sits just as the first and it will automatically seat you both. Swap button for easy transition along with sync.

You can purchase this item online at XstreetSL or in world at Cheeky Pea!


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