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Abandoned Bed

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


:CP: Abandoned Bed Available in CopyOK or TransferOK version.

12 texture options

18 Singles Animations
9 Couples Animations

Touch the mattress and click-hold (long click) for 2 seconds to bring up texture menu. The pose menu can be accessed by touching the blanket on the bed. This item DOES NOT USE POSEBALLS! It's really fab. Play with it, you will love it. Sync and swap buttons available on the menu.

Why so many texture options? I'd like to think this would be fun for any sim, including RP sims. If you get the copy version you could actually get TWELVE beds out of this one item! How cool is that. xD

If you have any questions don't hesitate to IM me in world.

Copy version or Trans version available on Xstreet SL or in world at Cheeky Pea!


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