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Saturday, June 5, 2010

18 Couple Animations
27 Single Animations
(9 in the pillows, 6 unique anims in each of the chairs, 1 each in the following: Roof, Both upper external side         supports, bar top, stool, tall end pole opposite pillows.) Simply click on the prim you would like to sit on and             the posing system will direct you to that area.
You can edit the position of the pose on the single poses in everything except the pillows by typing /1a in local chat. It will store the positions of the 100 most frequent users.

The pillows will rez the necessary props for the poses it uses... book, pillows, and even stars to look at and oooh and ahhh over.

The lanterns on the ceiling have a colour change menu in them.  You can chose between dozens of colours for your very own look to your lanterns.  It is entirely your choice. :)

The item is mod, the objects inside are not.

Available online on XstreetSL or in world at CheekyPea


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