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Beach Cottage Living Room!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This full set includes the following:

Cottage Couch - 16 Prims
   14 Couples Animations
   6 Friend Animations (1 x 2 people and 5 x 3 people sitting)
   11 Single Animations
   Texture change menu with 6 options available on the base of the sofa
   NC pose adjustment
Cottage Chair - 11 Prims
   9 Single Animations
   Texture Change Menu with 6 options available at the base of the chair (same place as sofa)
   Menu adjustment available for any sitting avatar by typing /1a in local chat (chair only)
1 x :CP: Hemp Rug - Includes texture change menu with 6 available options (1 prim)
1 x :CP: Scattered Table with touch on/off candles (16 prims)
1 x :CP: Cottage Shelf (17 prims)
1 x :CP: Framed Vintage Bathers (7 prims)
1 x :CP: Canoe Shelf - Includes candles on/off by touch (10 prims)
1 x :CP: Cottage Lamp - on/off on touch (4 prims)
1 x :CP: Sweet Daisies (6 prims)
1 x :CP: Draped Table - texture menu with 6 options available by long click on the draped fabric (3 prims)
1 x :CP: Vintage Posters (1 prim)

Available in world at the mainstore!

If you have any questions at all plese don't hesitate to IM me. :)


<3 Isla


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