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Sunday, July 11, 2010

☼ The Summerhouse Alone - 31 Prims
    Options for rezzing items include:
       ☼ Blanket (Couples Poses) - 1 Prim
       ☼ Lanterns - 6 Prims
       ☼ Lamp - 6 Prims
       ☼ Grass - 1 Prim
       ☼ Pond - 22 Prims
       ☼ Firefly Emitter - 1 Prim
       EVERYTHING - 68 Prims

☼ 21 Single Animations
    3 unique animations each x 5 different pillows that are on the decking. = 15 Animations
    6 animations in rezzable pond.

☼ 22 Couples Animations
    Available on the Rezzable Blanket
    **PLEASE NOTE: If you move the blanket after it's rezzed the poses will look silly.  Your torso might be in a curtain or
     something. So don't move it. lol If you DO move it, don't worry. Just un-rez through the menu and then re-rez. It will 
     move back to the original position. 

☼ 3 Texture options for pillows/rug/curtains. Simply long click and hold on the Rug. (2 minutes) The texture menu will then 
    pop up. 

☼ Each lantern includes a colour change menu. Simple touch the lantern you wish to change. 59 Colour options.

☼  ☼  ☼  ☼  ☼

The Rezzer:
To use the rezzer touch the front free-standing post of the canopy of the Summerhouse. You need to click and hold for 60 seconds for the menu to come up. 

To rez One or More items:
Select the items that you wish to rez from the menu. The menu will continue to pop up (until timeout)  after each item selected. When you are done click "Done" at the lower right hand corner of the menu.

To rez All items:
Select "All" from the menu. Everything will then rez. Click "Done".

To unrez one or more items:
Select the item you wish to remove. It will have the word No before it. You can do this for each item you wish to unrez. Click "Done". 

To unrez All items:
Select "None" from the menu. Everything will be removed from the area leaving the basic structure that it came with. Click "Done". 

It is not as scary as it might seem. haha   Everything in the rezzer is copy. So if you break something or move it and you want it back, just select the "No.... (item)" choice and it will unrez, then you can re-rez it again by chosing the name again. Simple.

A bit about the rezzer items:
They are no mod/no trans due to licensing. The objects that the Summerhouse rez cannot be picked up and used elsewhere. If they are rezzed away from the Summerhouse they will auto-delete.  If they are moved and are further than 10m from The Summerhouse they will auto-delete after 30 minutes.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to IM me!

<3 Isla


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