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I'm bad at keeping up... so here are a few of the most recent releases and news!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sorry I'm so bad about keeping up with the blog! Flickr is so much faster.. lol. I'm going to put a few of our recent releases up.

In the past month we have had a lot of fun news! We have moved to our own sim, and opened a store on Albero! With the closing of Starlust our store on Horst will be closing this week. :(

So, without further warbling... some pictures!

All are available at our Mainstore sim, the Albero shop, and the SL House & Garden sim store!

:CP: Granny's Table

:CP: Decals

:CP: Fainting Couch

:CP: Sky Escape

:CP: Porch Chair Flea Market

:CP: Porch Chair Beach

:CP: Porch Chair Vintage

:CP: Lounge (Room Pack)


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