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Malia Bedroom

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Malia Bedroom, originally uploaded by Isla Gealach.

A new room release for the SL Home and Garden Expo. This will be available starting the 13th of May at the SL Home and Garden Expo sim.

Prim Counts:
(The items that are simply grouped are listed separately. This is a large set, you can choose to have less or more items out if you wish to save on prims or get the full benefit of the entire set.)

Bed: 25 Prims
Bedside Tables: 8 Prims Each
Bedside Table Decor: 9 for Left, 13 for Right. Each lamp has an on/off switch on touch.
Dresser: 12 Prims
Mirror and pictures above dresser: 5 prims each x 5
Perfume Bottles: 5
Flowers on Dresser: 22
Shelf with Decor: 26 (also includes a texture menu - please do not unlink)
Rug: 1 Prim

Texture Options:
Bed -3 fabric choices
Lampshades - 3 choices each shade
Shelf - 3 fabric choices, 3 candle, and 6 tulip

14 Couples Animations
3 Friend Animations
23 Single Animations

More details to follow!

Cheeky Pea in SL!


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