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Heather Vintage Bedroom...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Heather Vintage Bedroom Announcement

Heather Vintage Bedroom Ad

Heather Bedroom

All the choices for the bed. The wardrobe cloth is also texture change, as is the rug.

This bed was inspired by a friend of mine, TrinityBelle Merriman. She asked me to make a wrought iron bed because she has always wanted one in SL. I love the idea of wrought iron but I wanted something simple - something inspired by the 20's and 30's. I didn't want something overly complicated or fussy. So the Heather Vintage bedroom was born.

There are a number of extra features with this bed. There is a set menu for couple sleeping poses with very sweet couple sleeping animations. The couples menu also offers a rezzable breakfast tray for breakfast in bed. There are laptop poses for those that like to play online in bed. Also several reading poses for bookworms, of course as well as the laptop with self-rezzing props. (No click to hold and messing with inventory!)

The bed comes in PG (regular) and Adult versions. The Adult bed consists of a full 2 extra menus with 20 carefully chosen poses.

All the info on the Heather Bedroom!

Prim Counts:
(The items that are simply grouped are listed separately. This is a large set, you can choose to have less or more items out if you wish to save on prims or get the full benefit of the entire set.)

Bed: 26 Prims
Bedside Table: 9 Prims
Bedside Table Decor: 15 prims. Lamp has an on/off switch on touch.
Dresser: 29 Prims (Drawers move open/close on touch)
Dresser decor: 24 Prims
Wall Art: 5 Prims per picture
Wardrobe: 31 Prims
Fan: 5 Prims
Rug: 2 Prims

Texture Options:
Bed - 6 fabric choices
Hanging Fabric on Wardrobe - 6 choices
Rug - 3 Texture choices

20 Couples Animations (self-rezzing breakfast tray)
OPTIONAL adult purchase: 20 carefully chosen animations (Not included in PG Version)
3 Friend Animations
23 Single Animations (self-rezzing laptop and book props)

The bed comes in either mod.copy.notrans or mod.nocopy.trans

Marketplace listing for PG Bed - Trans/NoCopy Version.
Marketplace listing for Adult Bed - Trans/NoCopy Version.
Marketplace listing for PG Bed - NoTrans/Copy Version.
Marketplace listing for Adult Bed - NoTrans/Copy Version.

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